Bathroom planning and choosing tiles

So as promised back in January, thanks for waiting, here is my thinking for the bathroom redo.

As I explained in the last post, after much consideration we actually decided to keep the original layout of the bathroom and instead just upgrade the cosmetics items. This will not only make the works much cheaper but also Continue reading “Bathroom planning and choosing tiles”


Blogging routine

Looking back at this blog is a pretty grim viewing! I can hardly believe that it is coming up to nearly 2 years from my last post and since then I have probably written about 15 more…if that.

Home interiors is something I have developed a real love for and reading blogs about them is a passion which I can spend hours doing! I started this blog in an attempt to note my own home improvements and ideas around décor. However as of yet I haven’t managed to keep the Continue reading “Blogging routine”

…Bath and beyond

Just before the end of 2017 we found out we have a leak in one of the pipes in our bathroom. It is something we suspected for a while but got it confirmed by a plumber who came round to check. Unfortunately for us the leak is located behind the tiled backsplash in the shower. This means to fix it we have to break through the tiles to access it properly. So yer…with Christmas fast approaching we decided this was a job that could be left to the New Year when hopefully we would have slightly more money to put towards it.

After mulling it over we decided that as we would have to retile around the bath/shower anyways we may as well redo the whole Continue reading “…Bath and beyond”

Brazil part 2- Rio and Iguacu

In case you haven’t seen yesterdays post, in the summer me and my friend Katie went out to Brazil for the Olympics, travelling for two weeks up the cost from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro. Check out yesterdays blog on part 1 in brazil here. Today’s post is about Rio de Janeiro itself and Iguazu falls which we managed to squeeze in at the end of our two week trip.

We travelled up to Rio by a little tour bus which we had pre booked- the best thing about it was it dropped us at our hostel door. We stayed here and though in general the hostel was only ok 5/10 (breakfasts were awful!) it was in a fantastic location only Continue reading “Brazil part 2- Rio and Iguacu”

Brazil part 1- Paraty and Isla Grande

As some of you may have spotted from my Instagram feed on the right, this summer I was extremely lucky and managed to go to Brazil for the Summer Olympics. I haven’t written a blog post on it up until now because im struggling with where to start really. There is just too much to say about it all and I don’t think I will be able to express it the right way….but after ummming and ahhhing about it for a while I have decided to just go for it and we will see where I get to. Unfortunately I broke my phone on day 1 no joke, so photos especially of the first part of the trip are limited.

We (me and bezzie) went to Brazil for two months, flying into Sao Paulo (because it was way cheaper!) and working our way northwards to Rio de Janeiro. Looking at it on a map we moved about 2cms in Continue reading “Brazil part 1- Paraty and Isla Grande”

Dreaming of France

Another grim day in 2016, a year which will go down in history and not in a good way! Like many othersim sure, today’s result made me think back to our brexit result in June a truly miserable day. And though for me today wasn’t quite as bad, no tears at least, it is adding to the grim picture of the future ahead of us. So…instead of sulking I have decided think about other things, like dreaming of France… 🙂

Earlier this year my parents decided to do something that they have talked about for a long time, they bought a house in France!! Me and my siblings as you can imagine are completely and Continue reading “Dreaming of France”