Blog beginnings

I have never been a very stylish person, or a particularly arty person. And English was by no means my favourite subject at school, I was more of a maths girl. That’s why it has surprised even me that I am here trying to write a blog…

It all started for me about two years ago when I was fortunate enough to buy a flat in South East London. I had never been a home owner before and I suddenly become very interested in home interiors and decor. Though I must say it does not come completely naturally to me and my first attempts in my flat were not pretty (imagine a completely blue and white living room with no other colour at all!). But luckily after about 6months of living in the blue and white flat I finally stumbled on the world of home DIY blogs in particular Young House Love unfortunately just as they were stopping blogging regularly. But it didn’t stop there for me I became more and more obsessed with reading home blogs and I can see my style changing with them. My absolute favourite is now Chris loves Julia. I love their kitchen and the moody bluey/green bedroom!

However the one problem I have with all the home blogs I read (and trust me there are many!) is that they are nearly all from bloggers in America. The only exception I can think of is Swoon Worthy who is in Manchester. Normally this wouldn’t be much of a problem, except when it comes to home blogs because. It’s a sad fact that american houses just have so much more space! Excluding Manhattan maybe… I have fallen in love with the huge open plan living and large islands in the kitchen but for me this isn’t really an option, definitely not now anyways.

So fast forward another 18months and I was talking to my friend about work and jobs (the stuff that seems to take over in our late 20’s when we all feel we need to start getting serious with our careers) and I told her about my love of home blogs. She just asked me why don’t I try one too. I had considered it myself but when sky friend said it to me so simply it made more sense- the only answer I had was ‘why not’….so here we are. I am going to start a blog about my home decorating decisions in a little flat in South London.




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