Garden dreaming

One of the best things of moving into my Boyfriends flat which I did in October is that there is a garden! After spending the last two summers without one it’s amazing to have a little private patch of grass where I can lie out in my bikini again, if I wish to, to catch the short sweet summer London normally provides.

As summer starts to finally arrive in London (please can it remain!) it has me thinking about our garden and what we can do to make the most use of it. Being in London there isn’t a lot of space to play with but hopefully just enough to make it a nice place to hang out. Here are some pics so you understand what I’m playing with, above is a picture looking out of the back doors in the kitchen.


This is the view out the kitchen back doors (I will add a page with a tour around the flat soon). I havent done much gardening before but am trying to make an effort here. We have planted strawberries, tomatoes and also some peas but unfortunately the peas have pretty much all been eaten by slugs and snails.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Garden view2

Though moving on, what I would like in the garden is somewhere to sit, but as its small I’m a bit worried it will take up the whole garden! So have instead decided that deck chairs may be the way forward and have done a little browsing online. How lovely are these!!


Unfortunately at over £100 they are definitely over my budget. Though when discussing this with my dad he mentioned he had two old deck chair frames in the garage which I can have!! Win!!

So that is my new plan now I am going to buy some material and upholster the deck chairs myself. I have even already bought the swatches, I may have gone a bit click happy here:


From the top these swatches are; Aerobics, Flamenco, Petanque, Raquets, Yachting, Athletics, Butterfly and Fives. And all are from The Stripes Company

Right now I love them all am really struggling to pick though if pushed I think it’s going to be Aerobics and Yachting (the top one and 5th one down). I’m going to order them later this week and will put up another post about the reupholstering I’m excited!

Let me know which swatch you prefer, or have done any garden updates yourself I would love to hear about them!


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