Birthdays and bedrooms



Hello, sorry I have left this for quite a while! I have a good excuse though, it was my birthday on Tuesday…ok not that great an excuse I know, I am sorry.

As Ali (bf) often works long long hours especially on weekdays, yes sometimes he does work long long hours on weekends too, i decided rather than be alone on my birthday i would instead invite round my parents, two sisters and their plus ones and my friend Margot to celebrate. One of these sisters is actually my twin sister so I have to have a shout out for her to going along with my plans for our day, thanks!

I decided to try and cook beef wellington, it was my first time attempting this and I am actually quite pleased with how it went! the piece of meat may have been slightly too small but i filled them up with crisps beforehand and cheese after so i think it may have been a success. The amount of wine we managed to get through in one even definitely seems to suggest it was!

Along with cooking for the family, i also got a few birthday presents, yay! My older sister was struggling with what to get me so I suggested some pillow covers which I am planning to put on my bed, she got me two of the ones at the top of the page!!

They are from an etsy shop called Whitlock and Co and I am completely obsessed! I have spent A LOT of time looking around on etsy for pillow cushions believe me its become a little bit of an obsession, and I cant get over this shop. I literally want to buy them all! Unfortunately for me it is in USA so shipping is going to take a while so I am still waiting and cant give you a picture of them yet, but i will do….watch this space!

Even better knowing these pillows are on their way has got me started thinking about how I want the bedroom to look, and what needs to be updated. I seem to have got stuck at the first hurdle though; shall I go light and airy or dark and cozy??

Here are some bedroom’s which I am slightly obsessed with!


So firstly this one is a bedroom makeover by Vanessa Francis go check out her blog because all the pictures of the room are absolutely stunning!! As you can see this is where the inspiration for my bedroom pillow cushions came from! I love how light this room is and the lamps and ottoman at the bottom of the bed in particular!

Now for dark…


This is the master bedroom over on the Yellow Brick Home blog how beautiful are the bedroom walls! dont they just make everything look that much better in particular the gold sconces (no idea how you pronounce that word by the way I only found it recently on my blog reading they seem to be having a moment right now and i can see why!) and white bed sheets. I would quite like the cat too!

Choices choices choices….I may help for you to see what I am working with too, here is our bedroom as it stands:


Our bed is tucked in behind the door as its the only space in the room large enough for it as opposite we have two built in cupboards:


Sorry about the coat and shirt on the wardrobes but this is actually the room on a good day!

As you can see we have very very dark grey/black/navy carpet and very yellow walls. The good thing is I have persuaded ali to get those carpets ripped out and in its place we will be putting wood flooring I cant wait. So to do list:

  • Replace carpet with wood flooring
  • Paint walls
  • Buy rug
  • Put up art wall
  • Try to do something about the closed up fireplace

Right now that to me is looking like an awful lot! but i am going to take it one thing at a time and hopefully we will get there first things first flooring and walls. I think I am leaning more towards the darker walls as i love how cozy they are! I also think it will help make the furniture all pop a bit! I also absolutely love the molding in the first room its probably why it looks SO GREAT but i think with our curtain rail at the top this isnt an option for us….so dark it is! Now i just have to persuade Ali!

I will be putting up the deck chair re-upholstering project later this week or over the weekend so watch out for that, they look great! if only the weather would play along! I will also hopefully make a mood board around the bedroom for ideas and share it with you soon!

Let me know what you think, which would you choose a light and airy bedroom or dark and cozy?


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