Reupholstering deck chairs


So I know it’s been slightly longer than I originally thought it would be, but here is finally the blog explaining how I reupholstered my two deckchairs. Above is the end result of one of the deck chairs and I have to say I am pretty pleased with how it turned out! But I am jumping a head at bit lets go back, the last post I wrote on these deck chairs was choosing the material as you can see from above I went with the 

Athletic and Yatching in the end. I loved how stripes they were and figured they are similar enough to look good next to each other. They are from the stripes company  which I can’t say enough good things about. Both parcels they sent me arrived super quickly, the material is lovely exactly what I wanted and bonus point I even got sent some sweets with them!



For one deck chair you need at out a metre and a half of material, I also bought some deck chair pins as well again from the stripes company. As I explained here I was very lucky with my dad telling me he had two deck chair frames in the garage which he could give to me, this is what I started with:


It was not pretty believe me! So what did I do? Firstly I got out a nail brush and spent at least ten minutes brushing the whole. Hair down to get rid of all the cob webs and try and get it looking a bit better. Then i went about removing the ripped seat which for me basically meant pulling it away from the chair frame, but I did have to get scissors out at some point when I couldn’t get it off properly.


Though there is is a bit of material left at the top of the chair this doesn’t matter as my new material will cover this right up. Now the slightly trickier bit. I found it easiest to mark the two frames you want to pin the material too ie the top of the chair and the bottom, then lie the chair down flat and upside down (so top of the seat is touching the grass. From here you can then fold the material under the wooden frame and pin it in place. It is also important to fold th material over on itself before pinning it to give it a nice edge. I have tried to take a photo to explain what I mean but there was only me so I am not sure if this is that clear:


To make it super secure I pinned in 10 pins to the top, repeat steps for the bottom. Make sure the material goes under all spokes of the deck chair to ensure it will be able to be folded out when complete. Yes I did make this mistake and have to pull out the pins and redo, not so fun.

once the bottom of the chair has been pinned its all done, yes it is that easy! I also repeated this process again for the second chair and voila:


Here is the is the after pictures of them both finished and I am so pleased! Yes I know this is them set up inside actually in the living room, unfortunately the weather did not play along and it started to rain…….I hope to get a photo up of them outside soon so keep a look out.

in the mean time they will just have to be lounge chairs. Hope this helped anyone else trying to reupholster their own deck chairs, send me your pictures if you do attempt it 🙂

Update- here is a photo of the deck chair in our little garden sorry about the iphone picture!




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