Delays and food festivals


Alright, I know it I am an awful blogger! I had only just started and then I took a month and a bit off…not even sure what to say about it…sorry.

I would like to have a really good reason why but unfortunately I’m not sure I do. The first week after my last blog was the EU referendum and I was convinced the results would be tight but IN overall (much like everyone else) but instead I woke up on the Friday morning devastated. After that I didn’t want to blog for a big more like sit and mope in my misery, again I’m sure like many other.

Since then things have got better, a good sob always helps in my opinion! But then afterwards I applied to switch roles in my current job and had to undergo an assessment day and interview which both took up my free time to prepare for. Happily I can tell you all I got the job and will be starting my new role as a junior project manager in September. Though now that is all over I want to get back to blogging a bit more, so here goes!

I have decided to broaden my blog, though primarily it will be about home interiors, I also want to include a lifestyle section and possibly my favourite hobby of all time travel!

A side from moping over the referendum and applying for jobs I also went along to the Streatham food festival a couple of weeks ago. The festival included one evening of basically a restaurant pub crawl. All the restaurants along Streatham high street decided to put on a choice of £5 dishes, there must have been over 20 restaurants that signed up in total. Little score cards were then given out to everyone involved and you get to pick and choose which restaurants you want to go to.


We managed to make it to four restaurants in total; 2 serving seafood, 1 Mexican (see photo above!) and a sourdough pizza place! All were amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed myself too! Three out of the four restaurants I hadn’t been to before but now would definitely consider going back to and it was so much fun! Some restaurants even served a drink with their £5 dish #win. Above is a picture of my tuna carpaccio which may have been my favourite dish along with Ali’s oysters and our drinks.

Overall I think this was a really great thing for any high street to do, definitely added to our community spirit and I am sure has helped to boost numbers to our local restaurants.


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