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I have a treat for you all today! I found two more amazing British blogs! In my first ever blog post I wrote how my I was first inspired in home design through the blogs I found notably and then however nearly all the blogs I read are American. This generally isn’t a problem except when it comes to two things; inspiration and furniture/décor.

Inspiration is an issue because America is HUGE in general there seems to be now issue with land (except for Manhattan and maybe in SF) so their houses are large too showing kitchens with huge islands which I would love to have but are really just not an option particularly  in London particularly right now for me (here’s hoping that someday I will have a huge island in my kitchen!)

The second issue is all these blogs link their beautiful furniture and decorative items to either solely American based shops or ones that cost a fortune to ship it over to the UK. Either way it’s a no go for me, so all I can do is look on from a far and dream.

But now! Now I have found two new blogs to pour over which show more realistic kitchen sizes for me (still much bigger but closer) and link to shops I can actually buy stuff from (maybe, some maybe not). So what are these blogs?

Firstly there is Pink house Emily, the founder, lives in Edinburgh (a soft spot for me as I went to university there) on a little colourful street. In Emily’s own words the pink house blog is about “taking interiors inspiration and advice from fabulous people and places, and using it to make your place amazing.” Though there are many other sections including; travel, shopping and expert opinion.


I had actually pinned Emily’s bathroom on Pinterest long before I ever found the blog, isn’t it gorgeous I think I’m in love with the wallpaper! Take a look at the Pink House I’m sure you will find something you like too.

My second blog is Making Spaces written by Karen. This time up in Leeds I am amazing by Karen’s bold use of colour! The picture below speaks to me in so many ways I cannot tell you how much I am dying to paint a room black! The top picture is also from Making Spaces blog.


See more of this room and how beautiful the black walls work throughout it here.

Let me know what you think of both the blogs and if you know of any more please point them to me.


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