Seven sisters

Shortly after writing my 30 before 30 list I actually got the chance to tick one of them off. Ali had a rare Saturday completely free from work and with the weather forecast set to be sunny all day we decided to go and tackle the seven sisters in East Sussex. They are a set of (actually eight) rolling chalky cliffs along the coast which are one of the most famous walks in England to do.

Living in London the journey there was pretty easy for us, an hour train down to Brighton and then the train across to Seaford where you start the walk. Getting up relatively early meant we were there and ready to start at 10.30am. The only problem was thinking the weather may be the same on the coast as it was in London. Unfortunately we were not so lucky and instead encountered sea fret. I didn’t even know this was a thing until this walk. So instead of seeing sights like the picture at the top of the page (taken from Wiki) we saw this:


Yes I am standing in nearly the exact same spot the wiki picture was taken.

Though it didn’t actually ruin the day at all, it was still very warm and it probably was good for me not to see how much further was left to go! Here is me at the top of one of the peaks I think it was only the 2nd or 3rd sister, me happily unaware of how much more there was to go.


And luckily enough the weather did start to clear up as we neared Eastbourne, where the walk ends 13.5 miles later.


With Ali making me basically run along the whole way we actually managed to get into Eastbourne mid afternoon for a beer by the seaside and then the train home to be back for dinner!

Though not quite having the views I would have liked I am happily ticking the first one of my 30 before 30 list though I am sure I will be back to see the sights on better days. If any of you are looking for a good walk I would definitely recommend it, we thoroughly enjoyed our day out!

Also if any of you have some walks you can recommend to me I would love to hear them it is one of Ali and I’s favourite things to do when we can.



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