Dreaming of France

Another grim day in 2016, a year which will go down in history and not in a good way! Like many othersim sure, today’s result made me think back to our brexit result in June a truly miserable day. And though for me today wasn’t quite as bad, no tears at least, it is adding to the grim picture of the future ahead of us. So…instead of sulking I have decided think about other things, like dreaming of France… đŸ™‚

Earlier this year my parents decided to do something that they have talked about for a long time, they bought a house in France!! Me and my siblings as you can imagine are completely and utterly over the moon!!! I was lucky enough to go out earlier this year at the beginning of September. The featured picture was taken at the weekly market…quite touristy but still so lovely.


Right now it is a three bedroom house but as there are five of us and my grandma my parents are building two extra bedrooms and have just got round to organising. As a result we will all haveb our own bedrooms which in an attempt to save money my parents want us to decorate and furnish. Double win for me I couldn’t be happier planning the look of the room. Yay!

So of course I went straight to Pinterest (I can spend hours on there!) to find inspiration pictures. Here is where I got to:

Sources (1) (2) (3) (4)

I have a complete obsession normally for dark walls, but for this I love blush pink everything! It was only after making the Pinterest board I realised that Pantone had named rose quartz as one of the two colours of the years….if only I could be this on trend with fashion *sigh*

Ideally I would get pale pink linen sheets for the room and then paint the walls a warm white but I’m not sure I can justify spending that much, also I think it may be too warm for a dovet most of the time. So instead I think I will paint the walls pale pink, and am currently considering just half the walls like some of the inspiration pictures show.

For the rest of the room I think it will be pretty minimal and hopefully soothing…

Unfortunately before anymore more progress can be made I have to wait for the rooms to actually be built, but hopefully it should be done by the beginning of next summer I will keep you updated.

In th mean time let me know what you think of the plans so far.


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