Blog inspiration


I have a treat for you all today! I found two more amazing British blogs! In my first ever blog post I wrote how my I was first inspired in home design through the blogs I found notably and then however nearly all the blogs I read are American. This generally isn’t a problem except when it comes to two things; inspiration and furniture/décor.

Inspiration is an issue because America is HUGE in general there seems to be now issue with land (except for Manhattan and maybe in SF) so their houses are large too showing kitchens with huge islands which I would love to have but are really just not an option particularly  Continue reading “Blog inspiration”


30 before 30


So as I mentioned in a previous post in mid-June I celebrated my birthday, officially joining the late 20’s club, turning 27. Again as I have told you all this year I decided to invite my family round for dinner which was the perfect way to celebrate on a Tuesday night!

However it did get me thinking about the big 3-0 which is creeping ever nearer and Continue reading “30 before 30”

Delays and food festivals


Alright, I know it I am an awful blogger! I had only just started and then I took a month and a bit off…not even sure what to say about it…sorry.

I would like to have a really good reason why but unfortunately I’m not sure I do. The first week after my last blog was the EU referendum and I was convinced the results would be tight but IN overall (much like everyone else) but instead I woke up on the Continue reading “Delays and food festivals”

Reupholstering deck chairs


So I know it’s been slightly longer than I originally thought it would be, but here is finally the blog explaining how I reupholstered my two deckchairs. Above is the end result of one of the deck chairs and I have to say I am pretty pleased with how it turned out! But I am jumping a head at bit lets go back, the last post I wrote on these deck chairs was choosing the material as you can see from above I went with the  Continue reading “Reupholstering deck chairs”

Birthdays and bedrooms



Hello, sorry I have left this for quite a while! I have a good excuse though, it was my birthday on Tuesday…ok not that great an excuse I know, I am sorry.

As Ali (bf) often works long long hours especially on weekdays, yes sometimes he does work long long hours on weekends too, i decided rather than be alone on my birthday i would instead invite round my parents, two sisters and their plus ones and my friend Margot to celebrate. One of these sisters is actually my twin sister so I have Continue reading “Birthdays and bedrooms”

Garden dreaming

One of the best things of moving into my Boyfriends flat which I did in October is that there is a garden! After spending the last two summers without one it’s amazing to have a little private patch of grass where I can lie out in my bikini again, if I wish to, to catch the short sweet summer London normally provides.

As summer starts to finally arrive in London (please can it remain!) it has me thinking about our garden and what we can do to make the most use of it. Being in London there isn’t a lot of space to play with but hopefully just enough to make it a nice Keep on reading!

Blog beginnings

I have never been a very stylish person, or a particularly arty person. And English was by no means my favourite subject at school, I was more of a maths girl. That’s why it has surprised even me that I am here trying to write a blog…

It all started for me about two years ago when I was fortunate enough to buy a flat in South East London. I had never been a home owner before and I suddenly become very interested in home interiors and decor. Though I must say it does not come completely naturally to me and my first attempts in my flat were not pretty (imagine a completely blue and white living room with no other colour at all!). But luckily after about 6months of living in the blue and white flat I finally stumbled on the world of home DIY blogs in particular Young House Love unfortunately just as they were stopping blogging regularly. But it didn’t stop there for me I became more and more obsessed with Rest of the post this way!