…Bath and beyond

Just before the end of 2017 we found out we have a leak in one of the pipes in our bathroom. It is something we suspected for a while but got it confirmed by a plumber who came round to check. Unfortunately for us the leak is located behind the tiled backsplash in the shower. This means to fix it we have to break through the tiles to access it properly. So yer…with Christmas fast approaching we decided this was a job that could be left to the New Year when hopefully we would have slightly more money to put towards it.

After mulling it over we decided that as we would have to retile around the bath/shower anyways we may as well redo the whole Continue reading “…Bath and beyond”


Kitchen updates for £10!

This weekend I spent helping my twin sister update her kitchen. Gill bought her flat about two years ago now and has spent a lot of time putting the effort in to make it nicer and more homely. This mainly involved painting walls and buying art work to put on the walls. I must say that so far she has done a great job!

However there was one aspect which was letting the rest of the flat down…the kitchen. When she first got the flat the kitchen has cream walls, blue tiles, a red work surface and green trim Continue reading “Kitchen updates for £10!”

Reupholstering deck chairs


So I know it’s been slightly longer than I originally thought it would be, but here is finally the blog explaining how I reupholstered my two deckchairs. Above is the end result of one of the deck chairs and I have to say I am pretty pleased with how it turned out! But I am jumping a head at bit lets go back, the last post I wrote on these deck chairs was choosing the material as you can see from above I went with the  Continue reading “Reupholstering deck chairs”

Garden dreaming

One of the best things of moving into my Boyfriends flat which I did in October is that there is a garden! After spending the last two summers without one it’s amazing to have a little private patch of grass where I can lie out in my bikini again, if I wish to, to catch the short sweet summer London normally provides.

As summer starts to finally arrive in London (please can it remain!) it has me thinking about our garden and what we can do to make the most use of it. Being in London there isn’t a lot of space to play with but hopefully just enough to make it a nice Keep on reading!