Tips for Brazil

Are you planning a trip to Brazil any time soon? If so check out my tips to make your trip even better!

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Brazil part 1- Paraty and Isla Grande

As some of you may have spotted from my Instagram feed on the right, this summer I was extremely lucky and managed to go to Brazil for the Summer Olympics. I haven’t written a blog post on it up until now because im struggling with where to start really. There is just too much to say about it all and I don’t think I will be able to express it the right way….but after ummming and ahhhing about it for a while I have decided to just go for it and we will see where I get to. Unfortunately I broke my phone on day 1 no joke, so photos especially of the first part of the trip are limited.

We (me and bezzie) went to Brazil for two months, flying into Sao Paulo (because it was way cheaper!) and working our way northwards to Rio de Janeiro. Looking at it on a map we moved about 2cms in Continue reading “Brazil part 1- Paraty and Isla Grande”