Tips for Brazil

Are you planning a trip to Brazil any time soon? If so check out my tips to make your trip even better!

Take away lessons from Brazil


  • Make a trip to Jabaquera beach
  • Rent out a private boat to visit the near by islands

Isla Grande

  • Hike around the island
  • Make sure you try the fish soup Moqueca


  • Take the train up Cristo Redentor
  • Don’t miss our Pao de Acucar (Sugarloaf mountain)
  • Stay for as long as possible


  • Do not miss Iguacu!
  • If limited on time do the Argentinian side.

Brazil in general

  • Stay away from Cacha- I am normally fine with 3 drinks, but not on this stuff!!! I will spare you from the stories of how ill I was but just warn you to be careful!
  • Don’t bother with wine- we tried a lot throughout the two weeks and never found a good one unfortunately
  • Do be careful- we were lucky and actually always felt safe but do watch out when there.

Hope these have helped!

If you have any further tips please share them in the comments section.


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