30 before 30


So as I mentioned in a previous post in mid-June I celebrated my birthday, officially joining the late 20’s club, turning 27. Again as I have told you all this year I decided to invite my family round for dinner which was the perfect way to celebrate on a Tuesday night!

However it did get me thinking about the big 3-0 which is creeping ever nearer and how I would celebrate it properly when it does arrive. My mum celebrated her 60th birthday by cycling across Kenya (where she was born) for charity (the trip can be found here), she is an inspiration to us all! When talking about it she tells me she can’t remember her 50th year as she didn’t do anything particularly special for it, but will never forget her 60th! Since then she has cycled across Tanzania and is now preparing to cycle Rio next year, I repeat she is an inspiration!

As a result I have decided I want to do something big to celebrate the milestones in my life, and for my 30th I would love to climb Kilimanjaro! No I am not a mountain climber, not sure I have climbed one mountain before…..does Catbells in the Lake District count?

However with that decided I have actually decided to go a step further and create a 30 before 30 list. Yes I know I do have three years to carry this out which is not a short amount of time but also I have tried to set bigger tasks. Though saying that I was conscious of not making this just a list of holidays I would like to go on or something which is going to cost me a fortune to see through. The ones in bold are those which will take a bit more effort and/or money.

So that being said here they are:

  1. Read at least 35 of BBC 100 books
  2. Do a photography course
  3. Climb three peaks in UK
  4. Volunteer
  5. Live abroad for > 6 months
  6. Swim in the north sea
  7. Debating master class
  8. Carol service St Pauls/West
  9. Swim in the serpentine
  10. Learn another language
  11. Sam Wannamaker theatre
  12. Picnic in Hampstead heath
  13. Walk the seven sisters
  14. See the northern lights
  15. Run London rat race
  16. Sleep out under stars
  17. Go to the royal ballet theatre
  18. Plant a tree
  19. Donate my hair
  20. Go inter-railing in Europe
  21. Have a tech free weekend
  22. Go skinny dipping
  23. Go trapezing
  24. Eat at Michelin star restaurant
  25. Sell something I made
  26. Give blood
  27. Go on a spontaneous trip
  28. Say yes to everything 4 a week – (I will not tell people when this week is)
  29. Go to gym every working day for month
  30. Climb Kilimanjaro 


I made Ali a list too, basically a load of things I wanted to put on mine but didn’t have space hopefully I will tick his off with him.

So here they are, out on the internet to make me accountable to them! Now all I have to do is start ticking them off…easy….


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